Top gainers, losers, volume leaders and more
Price Volume Gainers
Ranks symbols by Price Volume (Last Price times Volume)
Trend Directions
Rank symbols with consecutive price increase/decrease or no change
Gap Up / Down
Ranks symbols by the highest Gap Up or down
Range Up / Down
Ranks symbols by the highest Range Up or down


Crypto Screener
Search global Crypto with your own set of filters ranging from prices, technicals and much more.

  Events Impact Analysis

Events Impact Analysis
Calculate event impacts on asset prices

  Symbol Analysis

Total Advance, Declines and Unchange
Historical Volatility
Get historical volatility of any global symbol by providing the date range, volatility and days factors
Historical Up/Down/Returns
Get historical up/down/returns direction data
Historical Ranking
Find historical ranking of a global symbol
Price Volume Distribution
Price volume distribution of a global symbol
Relative Volume
Relative volume for multiple periods
Total Return
Total returns for a given date range of a global symbol
Total Returns (Yearly)
All historical yearly total returns of a global symbol
Returns Distribution
Historical returns with counts and percentage distribution
Historical Change ($) and Percentage (%)
Historical Change and Change Percentage for open, high, low, close and volume
Up/Down Percentage
How much prices increases or decrease?
Highest/Lowest Traded Values
Highest or Lowest traded values within a date range
Scan Historical Prices
Scan historical prices with a given filters
Percentile Stats
View percentile, standard deviation stasts
Financial Returns and Trading Volumes
View returns vs trading volumes trading bands

  Technical Analysis

Technical Indicators Signals
Get latest technical indicators signals
SMA indicators and signals
Current SMA indicators with signals
Simple Moving Average (SMA)
Calculate Simple Moving Average of a global symbol
Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
Calculate Exponential Moving Average of a global symbol
Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)
Calculate Average Directional Movement Index of a global symbol
Weighted Moving Average (WMA)
Calculate Weighted Moving Average of a global symbol
Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA)
Calculate Double Exponential Moving Average of a global symbol
Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)
Calculate Triple Exponential Moving Average of a global symbol
Triangular Moving Average (TRIMA)
Calculate Triangular Moving Average of a global symbol
Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA)
Calculate Kaufman Adamptive Moving Average of a global symbol
Pivot points
Get pivot points for a global symbol
Recognizing 50+ Candlestick patterns
View 50+ Candlestick patterns for historical data
Historical VWAP
Get historical VWAP of any global symbol
Key Technical Stats
Get all keys technical stats for any global symbol

  Statistical Analysis

Calculate Skewness on historical data
Sharp Ratio
Calculate sharp ratios for symbols
Sortino Ratio
Calculate sortino ratios for symbols

  Multi Security Analysis

Average Returns
Calculate average returns for symbols
Correlation Matrix
Correlations between global symbols
Correlation Matrix - market groups
Correlations between a symbol and key market group
Crypto Correlations
Correlations between major crypto currencies
High, Low, Averages
Calculate High, Low, Averages for open, high, low, close, chg_1d, and return_1d
Relative Volumes
Relative Volumes by symbols
Trend Direction
Current trend direction of global symbols
Historical Averages
Historical averages for open/high/low/close/volume/change/returns
Historical Performance
Historical performance for open/high/low/volume/change/return
Historical Range
Historical ranges for open/high/low/close/volume/change/returns
Symbols Calculated Fields
Get calculated prices, technicals, fundamental fields of global symbols
Calculate rankings with assigned weightage on fields

  Reference Tables

List of available data fields

  API Usage

API Usage
Total API limit per day and usage