Our Company

Building professional solutions to digital assets.

Founded to engineer a modern ticker plant and market data infrastructure that supports the demands of always lit markets with streaming internet delivery and on the fly analytics calculations of mission critical data solutions. At our core we normalize and simplify the process of supporting complex streaming markets and managing historical time series databases. Our solutions have grown to support a high powered analytics engine that accelerates our clients abilities to access advanced analytics data through streaming or rest API and private label fully customizable web widgets for instant adoption of advanced market data visualizations.

Cryptoquote continually builds new data sets, designs advanced analytics APIs and content solutions that enable fintechs, exchanges or media portal development teams to quickly build custom user experiences and workflows to help users self discover trade ideas. Our raw data is perfect for fast analysis across multiple securities offering hedge funds, quants and trading groups access to pre-calculated analytics.

Our goal is to provide the largest analytics datasets with the least friction for our customers to access and build digital solutions in ways that suits them best.

Our Services

  • Design Consultation
  • Information Management
  • Information Design
  • Analytics Design
  • Design, Build, Host
  • Data Analysis & Distribution
  • Visualizations & Applications
  • Technology Integration
  • Our Global Offices

  • Chicago
  • Oregon
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Singapore
  • We build our product on core values.

    Customers are #1

    We always start with our customer needs. We believe our success is totally depends on delivering a high quality product to our customers

    All Information are inter-connected

    Every information is trigger by an associated connected market event. We build tools to uncover those hidden trends by looking global multi-asset class instruments

    Simple and affordable

    Provide a product that is simple, easy and affordable. Tools should adapt to the user, not the other way around

    Think Global

    Think global and act local. Provide global solutions with the right mix of global and local needs. The need for information crosses all borders

    Be Rigorous

    Focus on providing premium value to our customers. Be Real. Committed in heart and mind. Great just isn’t good enough

    Never stop innovating

    We are big-picture people to uncover the hidden DNA. We dedicate time for research and experiment and that is constant

    Meet Our Dream Team!

    Mitch Naumann


    Adnan Waheed